Sunday Morning Meditation

Meditate, talk about, walk about in the Maryland countryside



NOTICE- There will be no meditation on November 15 2015. The regular weekly schedule will resume the following Sunday.

Welcome to the website for Sunday Morning Meditation, a free non-sectarian group which meets weekly in our home for meditation, conversation, tea and occasional outdoor strolls on our farm in Harford County, Maryland USA.  The purpose of this website is to tell people a bit about the group, invite participation, and eventually post some personal observations on the topic of meditation.  This site is a blog, which means that anyone can leave a comment on any part of the site.

The group is run by us, Joan Viener and Tim Shaull.  We are married and old, or getting there, with many years of meditative experience between us, which may be of some help to others, or at least provide some good stories.  Neither of us has been certified to teach meditation, however.  We consider ourselves perennial beginners, hoping to learn from you, our guests.  Although we are practicing Buddhists, we do not emphasize Buddhism, actually input from other spiritual paths is welcome .

Our farm is located at 3719 Houcks Road, Monkton, Maryland 21111, about 1/4 mile north of the intersection of Houcks Road with Houcks Mill Road.  This is western Harford County, right on the border with Baltimore County.  The area is part of My Lady’s Manor, an attractive mostly  rural part of the county.  The farm raises hay in several fields, and there are a variety of mowed paths that are available for walking meditation, including a meditative labyrinth.

The meeting runs from 9:00 to 10:30 AM every Sunday.  It is not necessary to notify us in advance if you wish to attend, but if you want to do this, see the contacts listed below.  The usual schedule is to stand around outside for 15 minutes waiting for people to show up, and checking out the morning.  Generally about 1 to 3 people show up besides ourselves.  Then the meeting begins inside with a reading, which anyone is welcome to do.  After the reading there is unguided meditation for 20 minutes.  There is no obligation to sit on the floor unless you wish to do so.  Anyone who is new to meditation can request a basic instruction.  Then there is  tea and snacks and conversation for a while on any topic of interest to anyone.  Finally, we close with another short meditation, or else a short strolling meditation outside if it is a nice morning.  It’s a very pleasant way to begin one’s Sunday.

Hopefully  people will feel like coming to check us out.  Please be assured that there will be no pressure or obligations of any kind, and no pursuit if you decide not to return.  This group is not affiliated with any larger organization.  There is no fee for attendance, and cash donations are neither requested nor accepted.  It is a good idea for new visitors to leave a contact phone number in case of a future unexpected cancellation, but this is optional and will be used only for an emergency.  No other personal information is kept.  This a situation you can relax and have fun with.

Guests who have already attended at least one meeting are invited to conduct all or part of a meeting, following spiritual teachings which have been inspiring to them.  This is absolutely not a requirement, just an opportunity.  Guests who would like to do this should contact us in advance and discuss their plans for the meeting.  It is possible that we would not agree to allow this, after such discussion, because obviously we must have oversight of the process.

Joan 410 692 9053
Tim 410 916 3592
Email at owlsandpines @

Casual clothing and footwear suitable for light outdoor walking on mowed paths.  Presently we don’t do outside hikes if it is raining, but may do so if it is fine but cold.


Photo on the header shows the back field of the farm, taken by my daughter Anna.

Outdoor hiking on the farm, as in most rural settings, may involve some unavoidable risks, although we try to keep our paths mowed and safe.  Such potential risks include, but are not limited to, possible uneven ground, possible exposure to poison ivy or other nasty plants, unpleasant insects such as mosquitoes, bees, and ticks, and unpredictable wild animals.  Guests who decide to go on the outdoor hikes with us do so at their own risk. Also, don’t expect the place to always look like the photo below!  Life is constant change and basic insecurity, isn’t it.

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  1. How much notice do you need for someone who wishes to attend Sunday morning?

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