Sunday Morning Meditation

Meditate, talk about, walk about in the Maryland countryside

Meditative Labyrinth

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This photo shows our latest labyrinth, number 4.  Labyrinths have been used for centuries in the Christian tradition as meditation aids.  The idea is that one follows the winding circular path, walking slowly and contemplating, enjoying the weather and the natural surroundings.  Some historical European labyrinths are very large and ornate.  This is an interesting Google search.  My own favorite labyrinth is a very old one which we visit whenever we go to the shore near Rehoboth, Delaware.  The labyrinth in question is at an old church in the old part of Lewes, Delaware, and was once part of a monastery there.  It is made of flagstones.  Constructing a large labyrinth can be a big job, and the surface must end up flush so that it can be mowed and leaves raked.  Our farm labyrinth is made from used slate shingles laid flat on the grass.  Previous labyrinths we have made in the hay field behind our house by mowing a path in the hay.  A labyrinth is not a “maze”, in which the intent is to confuse the walker on purpose so that one never reaches the “goal”.  Mazes are also an interesting search but not relevant to meditation as I know it.  In a labyrinth there is only a single un-forked path, which may twist and turn but which will always lead to the center then home again.  The intent in a labyrinth is to calm, not confuse.  A labyrinth is also different from a “crop circle”, reported on some farms as being of extra-terrestrial origin.  No extra-terrestrials took part in our construction.  Photo credit- Anna.



Author: Roving buddhist

We are an older married couple. Tim is a carpenter, Joan is a secretary. We have been meditating for many years.

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