Sunday Morning Meditation

Meditate, talk about, walk about in the Maryland countryside

The Art of Strolling- Walking about as meditation

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Every once in a while, lay down your load
Discard the maps and wander about in the green woods,
Or climb a high rock, or walk by the sea.
Take your time, tread lightly and quietly,
Don’t disturb the creatures who live there.

Breathe in deeply the sun-given air
And lightly blow on the embers of being.
Stand tall and stretch out the limbs,
Sway and breathe like a tree in the breeze.
If  one is strong and well,
a subtle pleasure will be found, which permeates everywhere.

(Here a little brook sparkles and chuckles,
Hurrying along with some mischief in mind)

Try this for a bit-




(A little brown bird waiting for me to move on,
Gives up and goes back to rooting in the grass.)

Now for a moment, stand still as a deer.
Fix the gaze and do not let it wander.
Breathe imperceptibly and listen to natures quiet sounds.
The Mysterious is close at hand.

(The world pivots on a small flower,
Which in turn bows with the wind

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Author: Roving buddhist

We are an older married couple. Tim is a carpenter, Joan is a secretary. We have been meditating for many years.

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