Sunday Morning Meditation

Meditate, talk about, walk about in the Maryland countryside

Meditation Games

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If this were a dinner menu, the two complementary practices of Sensuous Breathing and Gaps, described under the “One Man’s Meditation” post, would be the entrees, and the games given here would be the appetizer, soup de jour, side vegetables and perhaps the dessert.  These games are aids or fun additions to meditation, and are not intended as central practices.

-Stretching exercises such as Tai Chi or yoga

-Help other people.

-Move s-l-o-w-l-y.

-Synchronize motion with breathing.  Generally one tends to consider on the inhalation, and act on the exhalation.  For example, when hammering, I aim on the inhalation and hit on the exhalation.

-Only do one activity at a time.

-Don’t slump.  The body has hardwired programs which trigger sleep when we slump and alertness when posture is erect.  One of the most beautiful features of wild animals is their perfect posture, incredibly alert.

-Do walking meditation outdoors, near a stream or waterfall, in the rain, at night, by the ocean, on top of a rock, in a tree, by a campfire.

-Give a present to someone you dislike.

-Hold still for an hour.

-Say something constructive that you would normally be too up tight to say

-While reading or watching a video, breath consciously

-Work with the opposite hand from what you would normally use

-Associate with others who meditate.

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Author: Roving buddhist

We are an older married couple. Tim is a carpenter, Joan is a secretary. We have been meditating for many years.

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